Plan Now

Kick-start your wedding planning!

If your wedding is months away or even a year away, so you might be thinking "I've got plenty of time to plan." You would be correct in that you have time to plan, however, the more time you take (or procrastinate) will most likely lead to not-so-easy planning. I don't say this to sound negative by any means, but I'm speaking from my experience with couples and their weddings. Those who plan early are the ones who get the places they desire for their ceremony and reception, and also get the photographer, DJ, etc. that they want for their wedding.  Plan now!

When you plan early and set aside time to plan, you will enjoy your engagement much more. Yes, your engagement is something to enjoy as it is your journey to your big day. Checking things off of your list early in your engagement will take away some stress and give you peace of mind knowing that your plans are happening and you're getting what you want for your wedding.

Finding time between being busy, wasting time, and reserving your vendors while they are available.

I know life gets busy with work and everything else that consumes your time, but I recommend when you have or make time, contact the venues or vendors to see if they're available. It's easy for all of us to get on to social media when we have some free time and end up wasting our time. I've heard everything from couples who waited too long to reserve their venue and vendors. The venue they wanted was already booked. The photographer they wanted to capture their wedding day was already booked with another wedding. The DJ they saw at a wedding or simply heard good things about was already booked. You get the idea.

Your wedding is one of, if not, the biggest days of your life. This honestly goes without saying, but I bring it up because today could also be one of the other biggest days of your life if you are able to reserve what you want for your wedding before someone else does.  I know I've already said it, but it's worth saying again in case you missed it, plan now!

Plan now or wait...until it's too late?

I recently had a future bride excitedly contact me about her wedding. She has seen me at several weddings and was set on me being her DJ and wanted to make sure I was the choice DJ for her wedding reception. Unfortunately, her wedding date is a day that I'm already booked on...and I literally just booked that date 5 DAYS prior to her contacting me. Had she contacted me a week earlier, I would have been available and we would be talking wedding plans right now. However, I had to let her know I'm already booked. She replied that she is "heartbroken," yes, heartbroken that I won't be able to be her DJ.

I share this story because these kinds of things happen with planning and this is the time of the year that many couples are reserving the venues and vendors they want at their weddings.  Believe it or not, a matter of ONE DAY OR TWO might be too long to wait to contact those vendors since someone else could be contacting them right now to book their dates while they are available.

Booking too early?

I've mentioned several times on this page about not waiting until it's too late, but for those of you wondering is there a thing about booking too early?  I've had couples contact me a year or more away from their wedding and ask me "is it too early to book you?" No, the sooner you book anything for your wedding, the better! It's always great when couples book early. It's honestly a win-win situation. The couples know they have the things they want already reserved and the vendors know they have booked dates.

There is a saying that I really like and apply to my life, it's "do one thing today that you will thank yourself for tomorrow."  I can't tell you how many times I've heard from couples after they book me how glad they are that they have one more thing checked off of their list to plan.

Many couples got engaged over the holidays and they are already contacting vendors and venues and booking their weddings. I highly recommend that you get your plans into action, contact venues and vendors, check a few more things off your list and enjoy your engagement.

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