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Our Approach

Our Goal

Our goal is to help you with your wedding plans! Whether you're just starting to plan or have been planning for a while, you most likely realized that there is much more that goes into planning a wedding than you first thought. However, that's exactly why this site was created! Plus, the added benefit of getting local info and finding vendors right here in the Scottsbluff area.

Our Story

Years of Experience!

Working many years in the wedding industry, I've seen many things done as they did years ago.  I've also seen the changing trends and lots of Pinterest ideas used. Then there are the traditional, old school ways or events that have faded or are fading away. It's exciting to see all that has happened with weddings over the years and I have gained so much experience working with couples. I take all that experience and put it to work for you on this site and am also available to talk directly with you about your wedding.

Meet the DJ and Webmaster of Scottsbluff Wedding Planning

Gary Uhrich is the person behind Scottsbluff Wedding Planning.

Gary is a local wedding DJ and is from western Nebraska. He has been the DJ with The DJ Music System at hundreds of weddings and he also worked in radio for many years. Gary was on the award-winning "Cami and Gary in the Morning" radio show and has a very familiar voice and often times gets asked at weddings "are you the guy that used to be on the radio?"

Gary also was one of the first committee member's who started the Bluffs Bridal Show Committee, which brought 3 bridal shows to the Weborg 21 Centre from 2015 - 2018. Then, in 2019, Gary was on the staff who brought to you the Weddings with Weborg 21 event. He also is the person who started and still manages the Scottsbluff Wedding Planning Group on Facebook.


Gary Uhrich

DJ, Wedding Planner and Web Designer

Gary is well known in the Scottsbluff/Gering area. From being a DJ at hundreds of weddings to being on the radio for many years, he is easily recognized by his voice...and his hats!

Chat with Gary

Gary is available to talk with you about your wedding!  If you have some questions or need some ideas, contact him today!